Proprietary Trading:

Proprietary trading is when a professional trader invests the Firm’s Capital in Financial Markets instead of his Own to generate profits. This is a lucrative profession where the potential reward has no limits.

Traders who make it to Our Team are backed by Proprietary Firm’s Capital to independently apply their own Strategies while trading global Markets. The company takes the financial risk whereas almost all the Profits generated by the Individual trader are passed on to him/her.

Traders at EQUISTAR are offered the following services:

    • Firm’s Capital to trade financial markets.

    • Direct Market Access to major world Equity markets.

    • Best Trading Platforms available, provided by LightSpeed & Takion Technologies.

    • Monthly Pay-Outs without Lag and as high as 90 %.

    • Remote Trading Available for Experienced Traders.

    • Risk Management Services in real time through Phone/Skype/Mail etc.

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