About Us:

“Equistar Research & Analysis Pvt Ltd” is a proprietary Trading & Research Firm, with direct market access to the world's leading Equity Exchanges.

Our Commitment is to develop and invest in a team of exceptional people, give them the latest in technology, connectivity, trader metrics and new market access for them to reach their fullest potential as Professional Traders.

Ranjit Verma

Director, EQUISTAR

Mr. Verma, Managing Director of Equistar Research & Analysis Pvt Ltd, has 12+ Years of cumulative experience as a professional Proprietary Trader on US Equity Exchanges (NASDAQ/NYSE) and US Bond Market.

He Graduated from Delhi University in 2004 and since then involved in US Financial Markets. For the past 6 years, He has also been involved in Training new Traders and provide them an opportunity to trade for themselves.

Vineet Kukreti,

Co-Founder, EQUISTAR

Mr. Kukreti is the co-founder of Equistar Research & Analysis Pvt Ltd. With 7+ years of experience as a proprietary Trader on US (NYSE/NASDAQ) exchanges, he has extensive knowledge of Financial Industry as well as technical expertise in trading related Softwares.

He graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),Roorkee,INDIA in 2009 and is currently heading the Risks & Operations department with Equistar.